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260 Pullman Square #184

Butler, Pa 16001


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Butler Autoglass Pros

There are several companies that claim to provide windshield repair and auto glass replacement services in Butler, Pennsylvania. Before you call them, take a look at five reasons why Butler Autoglass Pros is your BEST choice for all your auto glass needs in north Texas.

Ready to get your windshield or auto glass replaced? Give us a call today for a no-obligation estimate!

  • We file insurance claims directly to your insurance company

    You don't have to pay us and then file a claim yourself, depending on your coverage. We are certified to file with your insurance carrier and do so at no extra cost to you, making our service cost competitive AND convenient.

  • We are the sole glass supplier for Gas Monkey Garage and Fast and loud.

    Here at Butler Autoglass Pros we surpass more experience serving Butler and the surrounding area than many other companies. We are the only auto glass company with a shop in Butler, and we do not charge shop charges or any other fees for work done in our shop. We aren't some impersonal national chain. We are your local glass service shop located in Butler just to serve you. We take pride in our reputation and give 100 percent everyday to earn our customers satisfaction.

  • We offer a lifetime warranty you will never need

    We guarantee our work with a lifetime warranty. We'll fix the problem at no cost to you should your  windshield leak, comes loose, or suffers any other failure that is not a result of abuse or impact.  Our warranty lasts as long as you own the vehicle. We believe in doing the job right the first time and we've never had to do this warranty work - but if something happens, you can count on Butler Autoglass Pros to be ready to resolve any issues you have with our work.

  • We are auto glass experts

    Butler Autoglass Pros is a member of the National Auto Glass Association, and a certified glass technician from Dow Products of America Association.

    We are trained in our field and make sure the job is done right the first time and that's why we consider ourselves the best Glass service in Butler, Pennsylvania.

  • We don't cut corners to cut prices

    Our prices are competitive with all other reputable auto glass services in southwestern Pennsylvania. But we will never cut corners on quality to try and beat a competitive bid. We use only quality OE glass, the same windshields and auto glass the manufacturers use. Other services in our area use cheaper, lower quality glass from China to save a few bucks. Please do not fall for this; cheaper glass is prone to defects that interfere with your visibility and make the glass less secure. Remember, your windshield is the ONLY thing between you and rocks or other materials that can be thrown at you as you're driving. Insist on OE glass - your safety is worth it.

Butler Autoglass Pros - 260 Pullman Square #184, Butler, PA 16001

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