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Windshield chip repair is the most simple windshield repair. When a small object like a rock or piece of gravel strikes the windshield, it can create a small chip in the exterior surface of the glass.

A windshield chip usually isn't significant enough to cause a structural weakness in the windshield but it could possibly spread to a larger defect, particularly if it is struck again in the same spot by something else. Further, the chip can interfere with the driver's view of the road, making it a legitimate safety hazard.


Remember, your windshield and auto glass is part of your vehicle's safety system that protects you every time you get behind the wheel. If your windshield is chipped, you should have an auto glass technician inspect it to determine if repairing the auto glass will result in the following:


  • A windshield or window that does not have areas of rippling or distortion that reduce the driver's visibility
  • Auto glass with the structural integrity to protect you from road debris, inclement weather and other materials that you may encounter
  • Auto glass with the durability that will last, and not be a temporary fix.


Butler Autoglass Pros has an excellent track record of quality windshield chip repair in Butler and around the surrounding areas. We provide a lifetime warranty on our auto glass chip repair, but in nine years we have never been asked to do warranty work. We are National Glass Association-certified and insurance certified so we are fully qualified to do your windshield chip repair and file the claim with your insurance company.


When you are ready to get your windshield or auto glass replaced give us a call today for a no-obligation estimate!

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